Norway - Sandefjord Videregående Skole

We are a school of 2000 pupils and 300 teachers, in addition to 50 employees, who are working on maintenance, administration, renovation, library,
etc. We are in fact the largest school in Norway, and our slogan is Diversity and Opportunities. We are a combined school, offering a number of
vocational programs as well as general studies.
We have had a nuber of international programs, however, since the government issues a new law, prohibiting the schools from traveling if the trip was
not free, the number of projects has decreased. We have never been a part of a KA2, and we are very happy to be a part of this now, in this project.
Helene Enoksen
Deputy head master for the vocational fields of study.
Worked as head of the health department for a number of years, and has been working in that line of business since 1994. Helene has been on
projects with Soweto, where culture and everyday life was the project, and she is leading the international group at SVGS
Lars Drewsen
International coordinator and English teacher.
Lars is running the international projects at SVGS for the last five years. He has organized more than 30 projects the last 15 years, and has a lot of
experience from different vocational programs, as well as International baccalaureate and general studies. Lars has worked as a language travel guide
for five summers in different destinations, and he is experienced with organizing events and programs here, in our town.
We have several teachers who have been working on similar issues. International English teachers and the teachers of the Sales & Service vocational
program, have all experience in this field of study. Sales and Service also includes guide training and experience, and International English has
organized trips to different destinations with this kind of scope, though not as varied and vibrant as this project.
In addition, we have staff members who organize journeys to Malta and Germany, for vocational training.

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Contact Person

Lars Drewsen


Krokemoveien 2-4
3214 Sandefjord

Phone number

 +47 33 48 85 00