France - Lycée Clément Ader

The lycée Clément Ader is in two differents parts.The EOLE site where we can find industrial diploma and the le site LOTTIN site with cattering,
cooking and secretary diploma . The lycée welcomes each year around 550 puils frm all the county (Eure) .The differents trainees are very different to
offer a large possibilities to continue studies at university or to have a job . The ULIS system is for the pupils with specials needs We have pupils in
3ème prépa-professionnelle , others prepare a Certificate of professionnale aptitudes, then a Baccalauréat professionnel, industrials technics , tertiary
sector and cattering and cooking Bac Pro Digital electronics systems Bac Pro Precision computerized mechanics Bac Pro Technician in industrial
boilermaking Bac Pro Cooking/cattering Bac Pro Marketing and Service in the Restauration CAP Multi-business employee Specialities CAP
Specialized employee of Sale Bac Pro marketting
We want to involve families and students , the school started a partnership with OFAJ in september 2012 and we hosted each year a young volunteer
from Germany. We participate to the CIEP programm, and we have opportunities to welcome regularly teachers from all the countries in Europe they
are to see the way of we work and to exchange about pedagogical practices.
We woud like to increase attractivity of ou school and to open our school to the diversity, european culture.
We would like our students and staff feel like a european citizen.
The most important thing is to increase the skills of our teachers, staffs and students
We would like for our students learn the tolerance.
With the reform of the vocational system, we need to develop the code and the robot technologie, this project will be very important for us. We will
increase the skills of a lot of teachers in our schools and we will transfer to the students
One teacher who arrived 5 years ago in our school is an electronic who is allowed to teach electronic in english. He have a big experience with the
european project with Léonardo, Comenius and Erasmus plus (6 comenius project with Hungary from 1999 to 2005 ( school exhange) 5 leonardo
mobilitiesprojects (Portugal, Germany and England , 1partnership leonardo project with England ,Norway,Poland : about How to break barriers for
female in technical and engineering sutdies , 1 studying visit in Turkey about how increase the quality in vocationnal school. He found partners for the
new mobility project for students and
staff ( KA1 vet Mobilities). He will help the teachers team to develop the two european classes in the lycée ( retail and Digital Electronic System) He
was an assessor for the NA in France for 6 years. Involved in KA1 VET for staff and students(6), KA1 mobility for staff(2), KA229 , KA201.
Training teacher for the Erasmus program in Rouen Académie
Now we have a group of 10 persons who knows the differents projects and are able to manage project ( the headmanager, the account manager and

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27305 Bernay Cedex

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