Denmark - Nordstjerneskolen

Nordstjerneskolen is a public school for learners age 6-16. We have approx. 75 members of staff and approx. 750 learners.
Being a public school, we teach all subjects. In the upper classes the learners can choose a special focus which then will be
incorporated in the subjects and topics they are working with. They can choose between Science, Global perspective or Body and health.
The class connected to this project is from Global Perspective, which means they have a special interest in the world around them in many ways and
And in being active and competent participants in both their local society and in being active global citizens.
This project will challenge them, having to really understand their local city, being able to present the city for others and look into ways the city can
really become THEIR city. They will then have to bring their ideas and suggestions to the attention of the local authorities and see if they can convince
them into undertake activities or projects that could support this.
At thr same time the project will give them a better understanding of their own city, their own culture and their own history. Otherwise it would be
impossible to convey this to others.
And they will work with communication skills and intercultural understanding and awareness. Though the project and visits they will gain a better
understanding of the life of peers in other cultures. And through the project build a bigger understanding of others and creating a sense of WE instead
of a THEM, breaking down boundaries, misconceptions and fear - creating bridges instead of ditches and strengthening their intercultural
We are two allocated to this project ensuring continuity in ceas one should leave in future.
Primary contact: Contina Beckman
Secondary Contact: Jesper Pinderup
Contina teaches design and handicraft and has a degree in architecture among other useful skills including science and languages. She has been
involved in international
projects before.
Jesper primarily teaches English, Dansih and history. He has tried tried cooperation with international schools before involving learner.

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Contact Person

Jesper Pinderup


Boagervey 26
3200 Helsinge

Phone number

 +45 72499250