6th LTTA: Austria

Where and when

Location: Vienna, Austria

Date: 13/03 - 18/03/2023

The aims of this third meeting with students are collecting information about the different ways of transportation within the hometown of the students to raise awareness to the very different backgrounds of the schools. The focus is on green traffic as well as responsible behavoir in traffic. Another focus is the history of the means of public transport. Students and teachers should reflect their own habits how they come to school and discuss about road education as well as legislation, road signs and examples of good practice in their hometown. By developping and presenting their own rules for transportation students can generate ideas for transportation in the future to help build a better world with safe transport that reduces the impact of traffic on climate change.

Welcome by the head of school.

Information about Austria.

At school.

Traffic and traffic rules on the programme

Presentation about how the students usually come to school  in the partner countries and how long it takes them to come to school. As well as presentation about the most unusual road signs and traffic rules in all the countries.

Uncommon road signs.

Talking about tradtions, traffic and how to come to school.

Getting to know each other.


Work together as a group.

Learning Viennese Waltz.

On the road in Vienna.

Information about the project for the public.

Learning some German.

Excursion to Prater.

Discovering the city center by public transport.

History of the means of public transport.

At Stra├čenbahnmuseum Wien.

Underground simulator.

Guided tour.

Diploma Ceremony

Friday we had a diploma Ceremony where we also got to say goodbye to all our visitors. Unfortunately this was the last meeting of the project. We hope that like in our former projects students made new friends overall Europe, stay in touch and maybe visit each other in summer.

Some more activities.

Evaluation of the project.

Surroundings by public transport.

Joint Kahoot! about the week.


It's been a fantastic week in Austria, we visited many interesting places and learned a lot about traffic, legislation and road signs. And we met so many interesting people, learned to dance the Viennese Waltz and also a few words of German. It was great to have you all here in Vienna. Thank you so much. Auf Wiedersehen!

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