4th LTTA: Romania

Where and when

Location: Bac─âu, Romania

Date: 3/10 - 08/10/2022

This meeting was finally the first one with students. The objectives of this meeting were the well-being of teachers and students, for example through cheerful sports games and other activities during the lessons as well as healthy, traditional food and recipes in the different partner countries.  

Welcome by the Romanian coordinator.

Opening ceremony by the smallest students

and the older ones.

Visiting different schools

Visiting Nadia Comaneci High School where the students did a great performance for us.

In the school library.

Visiting the school.

European street food festival

Each school prepared for this meeting a presentation about traditional food and one culinary recipe for a healthy meal. We also brought food to share, so everybody could enjoy typical food from all the partner countries.
Each country had its own table to present their food. There was so much to eat.

Preparing traditional food

The cooking class waits for us.

A student shows how to do it.

Preparing sarma.

Activities troughout the week

Presenting traditional food and recipes.

Meeting with a voluntary youth organisation.

Doing handicrafts together.

Outdoor activities.

Romanian autumn market with local products organised by the parents.

Dancing all together.

Diploma Ceremony

The Turkish team.

The Austrian team.

The French team.

The Norwegian team.

The Danish team.


During this meeting students and teachers shared with all participants their style of life in their city and taught the others a sport game and how to cook their traditional healthy meal.

Each schoolbrought some food from their city and we organized an European food festival.


It's been a wonderful week in Romania. We wished we could have stayed longer, time passed by so quickly. Thank you so much for organizing this trip!

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