3rd LTTA: Norway

Where and when

Location: Sandefjord, Norway

Date: 13/06 - 18/06/2022

The objectives of this meeting was raising teachers' awareness of attitudes towards teaching students with special educational needs (physical disorders, psychiatric disorders, emotional problems, behavioral problems, learning disorders (or disabilities, gifted and talented children) in our schools.

School and Education system in Norway

The first morning we were very welcomed by the head of school Harald Møller. He had plenty of time for us, even though it was the last week of the school year and parts of the school were a huge construction site. Harald explained a lot about the school, its branches and the history of the school. He also told us that Sandefjord Videregående Skole was the biggest school in Norway and furthermore he talked about the Norwegian ideal of a society and how school can help to build it.

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Working on Creative Thinking, Special Needs, Multicultural Classes

Presentation about developing creative thinking.

LGBITQ+ at  Sandefjord Videregående Skole

Presentation about teaching multicultural classes.

Introduction by the Norwegian coordinator.

Ceremony for the students.

Visiting the school. 

Den Magiske Fabrikken

They treat garbage to produce ...

Den Magiske Fabrikken

Fresh and very well tasting tomatoes.

Producing fruits.

Visiting their glass house

Visiting a garbage dump sounds, well, at the first sight a little smelly. Yes, it is. But this visit had so many tremendous surprises for us. Very creative and interesting what they do out of garbage. And we all can participate if we separate our waste properly. Amazing what one banana peel can do.

Diploma Ceremony

Friday we had a diploma Ceremony with the head of school again. We also got some Norwegian chocolate and a book about the 25 years of history of the school.

Concert by students at the youth foundation Naperen 1916.

Building a Viking ship.

Visiting the Sandefjord Fjord. Tour by a student.



We also wished farewell to our hosts and also happy summer holidays. For the Norwegians it was their last week of school for this year. So we were very happy to be there in that particular busy period of the year. 

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