2nd LTTA: Denmark

Where and when

Location: Helsinge, Denmark

Date: 16/05 - 21/05/2022

The Pupils from Erasmus Club Denmark tell about their experience:

After a week of preparation, we were ready to welcome our guests. They came from five different countries: France, Norway, Turkey, Romania and Austria. A total of nine people. They were accommodated in a hotel called Bymose Hegn.

We went to pick them up. 

And we went in small groups to show them around Helsinge, where they could find what and showed them how beautiful it is. And they were very impressed with Helsinge.
We really enjoyed talking with the teachers from the other countries. They were so nice and kind.

Visiting the school. 

In the kitchen.

Flowers from the project coordinator to the principal of the school.

School and Education system in Denmark

The next day we showed them around our dear school, and we explained how we are taught in Denmark. And the teachers were very interested and asked all kinds of questions. And told us about how things were in their countries.

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Working together with students on Flipped classrooms.

SDGs of the schoool.


Diploma Ceremony

Friday we had a diploma Ceremony where we also got to say goodbye to all our visitors. And we are just looking forward to meeting them again during our mobilities next school year. 


We have spent a long time making things go as well as possible. And the visit went so smoothly, and all things passed as we planned for.     

We wished the guests could stay longer, but in the end I would say that it was really fun and a great experience.

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