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You can find the project team leaders of each partner school here. 

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Rainer Redl

Hi and hello from Vienna,
I teach French and Maths at Rahlgasse in Vienna. My school is located right in the capital of Austria, Vienna. We have students from age 10 to 18. We are a public school and offer general education. Founded in 1892 it was the first secondary school for girls in Vienna, since 1978/79 the school is open for girls and boys. I am looking very much forward to this project.


Jesper Pinderup

Hello from Denmark.
I teach at Nordstjerneskolen, located in Helsinge - approx. 50 km North of Copenhagen. I teach the upper levels in primarily Danish and English. Our school have pupils from age 6 to age 16. We are a typical Danish public school. I am looking very much forward to this project.


Didier Hochet (overall project coordinator)

Hello from Bernay.
I am an ICT teacher and i have been teaching electronic and computer sciences for 33 years. My school is a vocational high school ( boiler maker, precize mechanics, digital system, cooking and catering, retail). I am very proud of this project.


Lars Drewsen

Greeting from Sandefjord.
I am an English teacher at SVGS, a rather large school in Norway. The school is a combined school, and we offer everything from general studies, including International Baccalaureate and music, to vocational programs, like electronics, mechanics, chemical engineering, process manufaturing, hairdressing, catering & cooking, arts & design, health- & childcare and sales & service.
I have been teaching, English and social science for 20 years, however, only five years at SVGS. I am utterly proud to be a part of this project.


Mihaela Cojocaru

Hello from Bacau!
I am a Math teacher at „Dr. Alexandru Safran” Secondary School from Bacău. My school has experience in Erasmus KA1 and Erasmus KA2 projects. We are enthusiastic to develop this Erasmus Plus project and to involve our students and teachers  in the activities who will represent our school, our city, our country.
We love Erasmus Plus projects and the international communication for the education.


Sevim Telis

Hello from Konya.
I am an English teacher and have been teaching English for 19 years.Our school is in an institution operating under the authority of Minister of Education and is a religious vocational secondary school.It is located in the centre of Konya in the district of Selçuklu. We give extra religious education in addition to the standart secondary education curriculum. We have 97 teachers,4 administrative stuff and 1205 students.We have two goups,morning and afternoon. Our students are 10 to 14 years old .We are trying to provide a good education for our students as well as to prepare them with sufficient social,communicative and linguistic skills for their latter lives.